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Three Months Since My Last Update

July 23rd, 2009 · Comments Off on Three Months Since My Last Update

Checking in after three months of ignoring this. I went to DNS Scoop and checked the incoming links and it says 3184 which leaves me 996816 short of my million link goal. Noodling this out now… dividing a million by 3184 I find that I am 1/314 of the way toward the goal. Since that took four months at this rate I will a million links in 314 x 4 or 1256 months or 104 years. It seems I might have a problem.

Anyway to update the traffic to the site I just checked my statcounter.com log and it reports the last 500 visitors came from here:

328 65.60% India
89 17.80% United States
14 2.80% Canada
12 2.40% Australia
9 1.80% United Kingdom
7 1.40% Bangladesh
5 1.00% Philippines
4 0.80% Mexico
4 0.80% Ghana
3 0.60% Greece
2 0.40% Norway
2 0.40% Malaysia
2 0.40% New Zealand
2 0.40%
2 0.40% Indonesia
2 0.40% South Africa
1 0.20% Lithuania
1 0.20% Japan
1 0.20% Netherlands
1 0.20% Romania
1 0.20% Serbia
1 0.20% Korea, Republic Of
1 0.20% Qatar
1 0.20% Thailand
1 0.20% Sweden
1 0.20% Nepal
1 0.20% Vietnam
1 0.20% Spain
1 0.20% Saudi Arabia

The log also reported the search terms from search engines like google which I am happy to post here:

4 5.48% link page on my blog
4 5.48% 1 million links
3 4.11% where can i post links to my site
3 4.11% post links to my blog
3 4.11% links to my blog
3 4.11% how to put visitors link on blogspot
3 4.11% where can i post my link
2 2.74% “links to this blog” how to insert
2 2.74% how can I add “link to my blog”
2 2.74% where can I post links to my blog
2 2.74% my blog has 1000000 posts
2 2.74% Is it ok to post links to my blog
2 2.74% how link my blog
2 2.74% how to links my blog to other blog
2 2.74% 11.11 progress report
2 2.74% links for my blog tour
2 2.74% my blog shows clicks on my banners
2 2.74% about what already happened from last few days
2 2.74% goal of 1 million blog
1 1.37% banner for my blogger website
1 1.37% Post a link where millions see it
1 1.37% million links
1 1.37% will putting my link on directors and blogs help my seacrh results
1 1.37% a million links
1 1.37% “link to my blog”
1 1.37% a million sent links add
1 1.37% how to post my link in to the other sites
1 1.37% let millions of people see my website
1 1.37% post link on millions
1 1.37% 1800banners review
1 1.37% link me on my blog banner
1 1.37% how could i reach my blog
1 1.37% how to exchange links with amazon for my blog
1 1.37% my blog has million posts
1 1.37% how do i reach my blog
1 1.37% 20 links in 20 days
1 1.37% have my blog link in my website
1 1.37% how can i find links to my blog?
1 1.37% Blog links
1 1.37% where to add link in Ireland Most visitors blogs
1 1.37% week’s progress
1 1.37% benefactor websites

Total 73 100.00%

That’s all I have to report today. Please feel free to comment. Also, please link to my blog!

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Four Weeks Progress Report

April 19th, 2009 · Comments Off on Four Weeks Progress Report

After starting the blog four weeks ago I now have a link sent in to me letting me know about their link.  The blog How to Get Sexy Abs generously linked my blog!

In addition to being noted here in this blog post their link is posted on the link benefactor page of the blog.  Please visit their site.

According to statcounter.com so far 701 visitors have come to the site and 26 have returned for another visit. Out of the last 500 visits 9 came from google.  For those that are interested these are the search terms they used:

2 22.22% get link to my blog
2 22.22% sell links on my blog
1 11.11% link my blogg
1 11.11% amillionlinkstomyblog
1 11.11% links for my blog
1 11.11% post my link to millions
1 11.11% a million links

The site now has an alexa rank.  After one month the site ranks 6,408,448 among all the domains registered in the world.

I just ran a report from dnScoop.com and it says there are now 1793 pages that link to my blog.  Only 998207 to go.

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20 Days In

April 10th, 2009 · Comments Off on 20 Days In

So far during the first 20 days I have yet to have anyone let me know that they have posted a link to my blog. As of this time according to my statcounter.com stats 384 people have stopped by to visit the blog. Here’s a rundown of the origin of the most recent:

223 44.60% India
85 17.00% United States
41 8.20% Portugal
34 6.80% Philippines
24 4.80% Canada
15 3.00% Spain
13 2.60% Israel
10 2.00% Costa Rica
9 1.80% Netherlands
7 1.40% South Africa
6 1.20% United Kingdom
5 1.00% New Zealand
4 0.80% Switzerland
3 0.60% Australia
3 0.60% Belgium
2 0.40% Puerto Rico
2 0.40% Sweden
1 0.20% Sudan
1 0.20% Russian Federation
1 0.20% Romania
1 0.20% Norway
1 0.20% Nigeria
1 0.20% Ireland
1 0.20% Mexico
1 0.20% Germany
1 0.20% Hungary
1 0.20% Peru
1 0.20% Sri Lanka
1 0.20% Jamaica
1 0.20% Czech Republic
1 0.20% Pakistan

The blog has landed on google which has resulted in 8, yes 8 people coming here. These are the keywords they typed in:

2 25.00% 1800banners review
1 12.50% how to link blogs
1 12.50% links for my blog
1 12.50% how to link mbain my goal
1 12.50% how to get a million links
1 12.50% million links
1 12.50% where can I post my banner or link so that millions will see it?

Well, that’s all the updates for now. Please link to my blog!

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Not to Much to Report So Far

March 27th, 2009 · Comments Off on Not to Much to Report So Far

After getting the blog up and running some free banners in the banner exchange 77 people have visited. The country distibution is pretty eclectic:

46 40.35% India
10 8.77% Canada
10 8.77% Costa Rica
6 5.26% Philippines
6 5.26% United States
6 5.26% Israel
5 4.39% Netherlands
4 3.51% Croatia
3 2.63% Portugal
2 1.75% New Zealand
2 1.75% Indonesia
2 1.75% China
2 1.75% Hungary
2 1.75% United Kingdom
1 0.88% Sweden
1 0.88% Thailand
1 0.88% Peru
1 0.88% Ukraine
1 0.88% Sri Lanka
1 0.88% Russian Federation
1 0.88% Mexico
1 0.88% Ireland

So far visitors from India have been the most likely to visit the blog and most visitors are from the banner exchange. To date no one has let me know that they have posted a link to help out. I posted some links to the blog from my own websites to get the ball rolling.

If you have a website or blog, any help is appreciated, especially if you add a link or by letting other website owners know about this blog. Thanks!

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A review of the last few days of setting up the blog

March 24th, 2009 · Comments Off on A review of the last few days of setting up the blog

I thought I might review the setup of the site to let folks know what’s happened so far. Last week I registered the domain through GoDaddy.com. I downloaded the free blogging software from wordpress.org and installed it on my server. I spent yesterday working out the kinks in the layout and put some google adsense ads on the site to help defray the costs. I also added a banner at the bottom of the page for 1800-Banners which is a banner exchange site. I made a banner of my own for this blog which I am running through their network. I can exchange the banners I am running on this site for other banners which will run on a large number of other sites to get new visitors to the blog. I am already seeing a few visitors clicking through the banner.

I set up some pages to post links to sites that link to this blog which will hopefully help provide incentive to others to link from their sites. I also added a privacy policy and terms of service.

There is a link to let people know how to how to link to this blog.

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Let the quest begin..

March 23rd, 2009 · Comments Off on Let the quest begin..

Last week I got this crazy idea last week to start a blog about getting a million links to the blog. Sort of like Seinfeld, a show about nothing, this will be a blog about nothing. I will chronicle the effort to get a million pages on the internet to link to this blog.

I have not mapped out a plan but I have been on the web before and have a few small sites up and running so I’m not starting from square one. I poked around on google and did not see that anyone has tried this before so either no one thought of this before or at least no one decided to actually give it a whirl.

As I start this I wonder if this will take months or years? Will I get bored and give up sometime next week?

Anyway that’s it for my opening remarks. Fairly unremarkable, I must say.

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