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A review of the last few days of setting up the blog

March 24th, 2009 · No Comments

I thought I might review the setup of the site to let folks know what’s happened so far. Last week I registered the domain through GoDaddy.com. I downloaded the free blogging software from wordpress.org and installed it on my server. I spent yesterday working out the kinks in the layout and put some google adsense ads on the site to help defray the costs. I also added a banner at the bottom of the page for 1800-Banners which is a banner exchange site. I made a banner of my own for this blog which I am running through their network. I can exchange the banners I am running on this site for other banners which will run on a large number of other sites to get new visitors to the blog. I am already seeing a few visitors clicking through the banner.

I set up some pages to post links to sites that link to this blog which will hopefully help provide incentive to others to link from their sites. I also added a privacy policy and terms of service.

There is a link to let people know how to how to link to this blog.

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