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Four Weeks Progress Report

April 19th, 2009 · No Comments

After starting the blog four weeks ago I now have a link sent in to me letting me know about their link.  The blog How to Get Sexy Abs generously linked my blog!

In addition to being noted here in this blog post their link is posted on the link benefactor page of the blog.  Please visit their site.

According to statcounter.com so far 701 visitors have come to the site and 26 have returned for another visit. Out of the last 500 visits 9 came from google.  For those that are interested these are the search terms they used:

2 22.22% get link to my blog
2 22.22% sell links on my blog
1 11.11% link my blogg
1 11.11% amillionlinkstomyblog
1 11.11% links for my blog
1 11.11% post my link to millions
1 11.11% a million links

The site now has an alexa rank.  After one month the site ranks 6,408,448 among all the domains registered in the world.

I just ran a report from dnScoop.com and it says there are now 1793 pages that link to my blog.  Only 998207 to go.

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